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Shenzhen Jinchang Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. (Jinchang Group for short) was founded by Mr. Liu Zhihui in 2002. Jinchang Group is a cross-regional large real estate group company which is mainly engaged in real estate, integrates related industries, undertakes gold and jewelry as well as domestic trade, has more than 10 wholly-owned and holding enterprises, and involves in real estate development, architectural decoration engineering, gold and jewelry, domestic trade, catering management, property management, asset management, investment adviser and other diversified industries.

Shenzhen Jinchang Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

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Pengji six shops renderings

3D hard gold beads

3D hard gold bow

Hong Yuan effect strip Figure


Car, house, prince, tickets


Changing Livable Talent Apartment "Handshake Building" is connected by a corridor and forms an easy-to-reach network with the in
Although the liquidity of the market is also sometimes tight, it is not enough to constitute all the reasons for the bank’s loss of personal housing loans.
Futian Shuiwei Village 29 Villagers Building Renovation Livable Talent Apartment
The Futian Shuiwei Ningmeng Talent Apartment is the first urban village talent apartment reconstruction project in Shenzhen.
In January, the interest rate of capital funds in housing prices tightened.
On February 3, Vanke released sales transcripts for the first month of this year. The sales amount for the month was 68 billion yuan
According to China Voices "News and Verticals" report, the New Year report "Guangdong Verification and Crushing Rumors" reviewed
The truth of Dharma
Release time:
2015-10-30 11:34
In Buddhism, those who hear about the Four Truths and the Twelve Causes of Enlightenment are called singers. In the average person's impression
100 classic sentences for self-cultivation
Release time:
2015-11-29 11:32
The biggest enemy in life is self. The biggest failure in life is arrogance. The biggest stupidity in life is deception.
US media: The United States is ready to deal with the collision between asteroids and the Earth
Russia's "Satellite" News Network reported on November 7th that NASA released information that the U.S.
17-year-old Lin Miao Ke unveiled at the film show
Little friends are certainly no stranger to the name of Lin Miaoke, right, that is, the adorable and lovely paper.